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 Appalachian African American
Musician and Storyteller

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Howdy Do and Welcome!


An Appalachian African American Musician and Storyteller from the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia, I am D. M. Foster, aka "Sista' Joy" and  "Appalachia Mama" is my brainchild! 


As a Singer and Musician from Appalachia, I am naturally drawn to country, folk, gospel and mountain music. It appeals to me because I grew up listening

to it. 

Now, using my talents as a Storyteller, Singer, Musician from Appalachia, I present a One-Woman Show of Songs, Personal Stories and Folk Tales from home called, "Appalachia Mama."


 This show will "tickle your funny bone, touch your heart and set your toes to tappin' 


Much of the singing will be sing-a-longs performed with the guitar, dulcimer, harmonica, Banjolele and the Banjo.  

Having grown up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia, I love the music,  and storytellin' found in Appalachia. I guess you'd say I'm a Folksinger Songwriter from Appalachia!


It's a natural part of who I am and what I bring to you.


Most people see Appalachia as consisting of only White people.  They do not realize that there were and are African-Americans who have lived in Appalachia since the first settlers came and the soldiers pushed the Native Americans off of the land


If you need an interesting guest for your show or entertainment for a program, I hope you will consider using my services. Leave a message here and I will respond quickly.

Thanks and God Bless You!



Join   Appalachia Mama  For:

Country, Gospel, and Folk Music.  These sing-alongs will brighten.  your day and bring back fond memories. ..

Personal Stories from  childhood in the Hills of West Virginia along with Folktales from the Appalachian Region