To Manifest Your Vision, Are You Willing To Fall Down Over and Over Again?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

The people who realize their visions and dreams are the ones who are willing to fall down the most on their journey to success. They fall down often, but they keep on getting up.

They keep on trying as they make adjustments each time. They don't see falling down as failure but only as a part of success. This is a part of their learning process.

They know they must fall down many times to learn how to succeed. They tighten their belt and get some "grit" in their spirit to be strong enough to fight on in spite of it.

High achievers in life realize that it doesn't matter what others may say or think about them. They don't care because their faith and trust is in themselves and their God.

Their vision or dream is their magnificent obsession. They've set themselves on fire with their desire to achieve it and nothing short of death will stop them.

When they fall down, they may rest a bit while they ponder their situation and map out a new strategy. Then they get up, forgive themselves for not knowing what they have now learned from their last experience and they try again.

Tweaking it a bit here or there, they go at it once more. They keep on evolving. They keep on growing from each new experience, until finally, they hit their mark-Bulls Eye! Their Vision is Manifested.

That's when all those folks who didn't believe in them anymore become the very people patting them on their back and saying how much they did...ha ha.

Everybody loves a winner, but nobody wants to be with you when you are down in the trenches getting your hands dirty and your face bloody with the battle. Ha!

Well, my beloved, don't worry about how many times you've fallen down, just know that you are getting closer and closer to your victory. Let the so-called "failures" go. Forget them.

Just pick yourself up, learn from your experience, keep on believing in yourself and the vision God has given you and move ever forward with your "eyes on the prize."

Remember, "one with God is a majority and two can put 10,000 to flight." So, like the old African proverb says, "When you pray...move your feet!"

Do this over and over and over again and one day, beyond any doubt, you will Manifest Your Vision! Sista' Joy


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